Monday, September 29, 2008


sold a robot and commisioned to make another - woot !i didnt manage to get real good photos of no.22 (pictured above) , he was made of resin cast pieces from a clay original

a layout for a retro future city project



Fantastic-all of it!

The background is so rich, full texture and smell! I'm really drawn to the little door well on the right. Keen to see where this goes.

Congrats on the sales.

David DeGrand said...

Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I'm glad you did because I got to check out your AMAZING artwork, great stuff sir!

JustMe said...

That's beautiful, and it reminds me of the future universes I'd fantasize about as a child, wishing I could live there.

sausagehand said...

Rich indeed! Your stylistic choices create such an involving atmosphere.

Kimberly M Zamlich said...

This is great stuff! Love your robots!

Are you working in Photoshop? Just recently my boss had me load Painter on my computer at work and I can't believe how beautifully the colors mix on the screen. I work in Photoshop but would love to get to know Painter better, since it is much more suited to real painting.


James Brouwer said...

Hi! I came across your stuff on Unit 16... Love your work!

scott vanden bosch said...

Thanks awesome peeps !! - Kim i use photoshop but would like to try painter if i get time

James you should join the unit - we would love to see your work there !