Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A scene from no.16 - layout sketch and finished Bg. ( old school )


Some interiors from DS - The top one is a main characters bedroom used briefly in ep 01 and the other image , not seen in the show is an Int for the 'Enforcer2' - The bounty hunter Baba Ganoosh's stealthy spacecraft .

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Planetman in the good ol days - beating on the 'Meddler' of Fodu 3 is always good sport .

Also an issue of the highly sought after 'PLANETMAN' comicbook series ( issue 091) . This edition has the first appearence of Schrodinger , a time travelling levitating Brainiac from Mensa who helps Planetman defeat the mighty Metal Menace ...


Some supers for the eatpoo 'Marvel' weekly - these activities are pretty fun


I'll start this with a couple of pre production drawings from Dogstar , ive been locked away for 2 years designing an animated , sci-fi childrens TVS . It's finished , well nearly so im free to draw whatever i like ..
Both these drawings became layout's for two of the opening scenes in ep 01