Sunday, September 30, 2007


3 more ready for battle (oh my! unit 22 has some rage issues)

spaceman mini's are in production - poly urethane toys about 70mm high
these are pics of the first 3 numbered sequentially


Grace Garton said...

I've only been here for a minute and already you've got me drooling over your MiniBots!
I want one NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I too would love one of these. But more importantly, they make me want to make my own. Not space minis, but castings. R u going to make some mini vehicles too? With characters painted in the windows.

Thanks for the comment on me blog btw. assuming it was this Scott. Wait, I know another Scott. It wasn't you was it? The shame.

scott vanden bosch said...

haha - yes it was me being lazy and not signing in !

i have some sketches of a vehicle and a exo suit for these wee guys but you talk of the future sir!