Monday, February 25, 2008



The BG for the steam tram piece , in this scene the tram enters and exits shot while revealing a little of life in the lower levels


Andrew Smith said...

That is some sweet stuff right there. Love the atmosphere to bits.

BlackCrow said...

Hi Scott!! Wow these are fantastic!
Embarrising, my studio is looking like a japanese toy shop!
Did you and Em buy any toys???
haven't caught any dogstar as yet..been busy...I'll try this saturday...check out my newish arty blog here....

Annie said...

Hey... found you on Andrew's blogger... you're work is awesome!
I'm an art history major, looking to eventually own my own gallery, so I love to check out new stuff.
I love that pencil drawing!
I'm such a sucker for sketches!! and I'd hafta agree with Andrew- your atmosphere is rad!

TheWrist said...

Geez yer stuff is wonderful! Do u use watercolour or PShop to colour your drawings? Great characters & lighting/colours-thanks-very inspiring creations.

scott vanden bosch said...


the wrist :i use photoshop all the way with lots of scanned textures because i was brought up painting traditionally and try to keep it looking a bit that way